Born in 1977 in Yazd, IRAN, Negar Farajiani, Trained as a painter and graphic designer, Farajiani works at the convergence of diverse media as an artist and curator. Through her art Farajiani plays with the concept of space, both private and public. Increasingly, Farajiani s work have focused on cooperation with other artists and participatory actions. She has presented her practices domestically and internationally through exhibitions and lectures. Recent appearances and exhibitions have been hosted by Yale Macmillan Center at Yale Univesity, New Haven, Connecticut, the, Silk Road Gallery, Tehran, Iran, the Centre for Contemporary Art at Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, Poland, Artissima Art Fair Presented by Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, the Pasfarda Arts and Cultural Exchange in Chicago, and Cheryli and Richard Ruszat Scholarship at the University of California.



Solo Exhibitions

2021Inja Gallery, Tattered Masterpieces, Tehran, Iran

2018 Silk Road Gallery, Review Four Phases of "Tehran Monoxide Project" Tehran, Iran

2015 Etemad Art Gallery, "Mix and Match", Tehran, Iran

2014 Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, VIVACITY, Seattle, WA

2012 Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, MIX & UNMATCH, Seattle, WA

2012 Sazmanab Project, UNDO, Tehran, Iran

2011 Etemad Art Gallery, "Insect's March", Tehran, Iran

2007 Assar Art Gallery, Painting Exhibition, Tehran, Iran 

2004 Assar Art Gallery, Painting Exhibition, Tehran, Iran

2002 Assar Art Gallery, Painting Exhibition, Tehran, Iran

Curating and Socially Engaged Art Experiences

-Tehran Monoxide Project

2020 Green Corners workshop at schools in Tehran/ Iran

2019 Green Corners workshop in Darzikola/Mazandaran, Iran

2019 Green Corenrs workshop in Bam, Iran

2019 Green Corners workshop in Book Garden in Tehran/ Iran

2019 Green Corenrs workshop at schools in Tehran, Iran

2018 Green Corenrs workshop at schools and insitutes in Tehran, Iran

2017 Introducing Green Corners project in kaaf institute, Tehran, Iran

2015 Selling indoor plants in sidewalk of Enqelab street in downtown, Tehran, Iran

2015 In Negarestan Garden and the Greenhouse، Tehran, Iran

2014 In Zohre No Pharmacy with 11 photographers,Tehran, Iran

2012 Photos from 4-to-18 years olds view point, Tehran, Iran

2011 In Manzoumeh Kherad School with 36 Artists, Tehran, Iran


- Made in China

2018 in University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, US

2017 in Azadi Square, Tehran, Iran

2015 in Down Town Seattle, Seattle Art Fair, US

2015 in University of Oregon, Oregon, US

2015 in University of Irvine, CA, US

2014 in Downtown Chicago, US

2013 in  Electricity Factory, Teblisi, Georgia

2013 in Downtown Rustavi, Georgia

2013 in Downtown, Toronto, Canada

2012 in DIFC, Dubai, UAE

2011 in Abandoned Spinning Factory, Yazd, Iran


- Destination Known

2013 Shar-Bafi, Kashan, Iran

2011 Factory’s Garden, Yazd. Iran

Group Exhibitions

2021 Sand Storm-And Then There Was Dust, Galerie im Körnerpark Berlin, Germany

2021  Artissima Art Fair by Inja Gallery, Turin, Italy

2021 The 8th edition of Tehran's National Sculpture Biennale, Tehran, Iran

2020 Sand Storm-And Then There Was Dust, Depo Istanbul, Turkey

2020 Triptych, Apexart, Tehran, Iran

2019 Tehran Book Fair, Tehran, Iran

2019 Hyrcanian Forest, Persbook9th, Mazandaran, Iran

2018 Retexture, Persbook8th, Yazd, Iran

2017 Artissima Art Fair by Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, Turin, Italy

2016 Flânerie, Kaaf institute, Tehran, Iran 

2015 Enqelab Street, ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics, Berlin, Germany

2015 DUST, Center for Contemprary Art at Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland

2014 Breath From A Warm Local( film & video & more), Gent, Belgium

2014 Iranian Artist Forum in Tehran, A Review of a Decade of Video Art in Iran, Tehran, Iran

2013 Royal Collage of Art, Magic of Persia, London, UK

2013 York Quay Gallery, The Third Space, Toronto,Ontario- Canada

2013 CCA-Tbilisi, SubTehran:Subjective truth from Iran, Tbilisi, Georgia 2013 Don Quixote, Aun Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2013 Tehran Calling London / London Calling Tehran, London, UK

2013 Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize shortlist exhibition 2013, EFT-DIFC, Dubai, UAE

2012 M.I.A Gallery, Encor, Seattle, WA, USA Sareban Gallery, Void, Tehran, Iran

2011 Parkingallery, On Paper; Without A Name, Tehran, Iran

2011The invisible present video Program at Oi Futuro, public project by Factory\\\'s Garden, Rio, Brazil

2011 The second Contemporary art Exhibition, Sanandaj, Iran

2011 Mohsen Art Gallery, representation of factory’s Garden, Tehran, Iran

2011 Etemad Art Gallery, 13 x 18 ,Tehran, Iran

2010 Exhibition for Charity (Khaneh Khorshid), Tehran, Iran

2009 Iranian Arts Forum, Painting Exhibition, Tehran, Iran

2008 Dar-ol-Fonoon Gallery, Painting Exhibition for Charity, Kuwait

2007 Art Space Gallery, New Trend of Iranian Painting, Collected Memories, London, UK

2007 Iran Heritage, an Exhibition of Contemporary of Iranian Arts, London, UK

2007 Assar Art Gallery, Painting Exhibition, Tehran, Iran

2007 Iranian Arts Forum, Painting Exhibition, Tehran, Iran

2007 Baran Art Gallery, Painting Exhibition, Tehran, Iran

2006 Assar Art Gallery, Painting Exhibition, Tehran, Iran 2005 China Expo, Beijing, China

2006 Assar Art Gallery, Painting Exhibition, Tehran, Iran

2004 Assar Art Gallery, Painting Exhibition, Tehran, Iran

2000 Museum of Contemporary of Art, Self-Promotional Posters Exhibition, Tehran, Iran 1999 Children Book Illustration, Noma, Japan

2000 Museum of Contemporary of Art, Children Book Illustration Exhibition, Tehran, Iran

1995 Fine Art School, Painting Exhibition, Yazd, Iran


Lectures and Other Activities

2018 Artist Talk/ Yale University Macmillan Center: The Role of Art projects in the Evolution of Social Participation in Public Space, New Haven, US

2018 Artist talk/ Umassd: "Social Practice and Eco art in the desert towns of Iran" and "Air Pollution and Art Activism in Tehran", Massachusetts, US

2017 Collaboration in project "La Petite Histoire" Project by Michela Alessandrini in Collaboration with PAPPIS-Art- Anecdotes Archive- Magic of Persia, London, UK

2017 Part of the Lecture "Eco Art in Iran" Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran

2016 Part of Lecture in Yazd Monicipality: Role of Art Projects in Private and Public Spaces, Yazd, Tehran

2015 Out of Site Artist Conversation: Placement and Displacement, Pasfarda joins hands with Out of Site Chicago to discuss works of contemporary performance artists,, Moderated by Tricia Van Eck, Tehran-Chicago

2015 Site specific installation in coopration with Komuna//Warszawa, Liquid Columns a part of DUNE 1961, Yazd, Iran

2015 Lecture in UCIrvine about Made in China Public art Project, California, USA

2015 Cheryll and Richard Ruszat Scholar at the Jordan Center for Persian Studies. This award supports the study of Iranian cinema and art at UCI.

2013 Short list of Magic of Persia, Royal Collage of Art, London, UK

2012 part of the lecture "Written in Light" about women artists from Iran in SAM (Seattle Art Museum), the presence of the Centre Pompidou for the special exhibition “Elles: Women Artists”, Seattle, USA

2007 Public art, Flight of Falcons / Yashm,Firouzeh, ArtWorks project, Dubai, UAE

2006 Public art, Horses / MIM, ArtWorks project, Dubai, UAE

2002 Book Illustration, Kalateh-Nan and Baran, Mahriz Publication, Tehran, Iran

1999 Animation, Cooperation in Mahriz Mehr Firm and Saba Company, Tehran, Iran